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a busy intersection shutdown after a crash involving a police cruiser -- straight ahead at 6:00. >> and the debate over the metro station at dulles airport heats up again. >> the heat is still on and it's about to get even hotter. "good morning washington at 6:00 a.m." starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. thanks for being with us on this wednesday, july 20. i am pamela brown. >> i am scott thuman. we will start with traffic and weather. the combination of heat and
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humidity can make it feel like to digits and it's only going to get worse. adam caskey gets us started this morning the forecast. >> hot and uncomfortable today but even warmer the next few days. thursday through saturday, the afternoon staff will be the worst in terms of heat and humidity. sunrise at 5:59 a.m. hazy sunshine across the entire region. 72 in columbia, maryland, with under an inch of rain from yesterday. three-quarters of an inch in leonardtown, three-quarters of an inch in fort washington. warm and muggy start to the day mid 90's for the afternoon. it will feel like 105 when you factor in the humidity. if a greatstrength and a strong possible this afternoon in the high country. a police cruiser collided with another car in arlington
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sending both drivers to a hospital. it's having a major impact on traffic right now. >> we have live coverage beginning with jummy olabanji? at the intersection of washington boulevard and glebe road. bring us up-to-date. >> i may have some good news for our viewers. we are witnessing right now arlington police possibly opening one lane that would be westbound on washington boulevard. you might be able to make a right turn onto north glebe road so you can get to 66 east to get downtown. it's not open yet but we hope it will be in the next few minutes. the entire intersection has been set down several hours as police investigate the car crash involving one of their officers that happened around 2:15 this morning while the officer was responding to some sort of fight at the boston common mall when he and another car collided at the intersection of washington and glebe road. -- ballston common mall.
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the officer was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. he's 40 years old and is a five- year veteran. the police are trying to piece together what happened. >> the intersection will be shut down. we are trying to reconstruct the accident and make sure we get all the details before we reopen its. people need to think about what the next main intersection in this area is on the way they are traveling, whether that would be lee highway as a good alternates and so is george mason and wilson boulevard. >> that was jummy olabanji with a live report on that breaking situation in arlington. plenty to talk about this morning on that front. oscar wilson is standing by with a look at traffic. there are some changes. >> in arlington, north glebe road shut down in both directions between fairfax drive
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and washington boulevards. there are trying to open up one lane. if you can find a detour, that is recommended. that's near 66. on 66 eastbound near 123 there's an accident blocking the right lane. things are backed through 50. in wheaton, georgia avenue shutdown in both directions between shorefield road and gary hanso-- and gary hanson. 95 is slowing in springfield. a mysterious death and the hunt for missing man. >> fairfax county police looking for whoever shot and killed an elderly man in springfield and they're looking for the victim's missing adult son. gary hanson was found inside a home in the the 7600 block of chancellor way.
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>> mysterious. the 75-year-old described by neighbors as gentle and loving. he's lived here since the early 80's, gunned down inside his home. police are still searching for his killer and his son. >> i saw four armed officers with stock funds come across my front lawn. >> residents of this west springfield neighborhood came home to an unsettling sight tuesday, police showering their neighborhoods -- scarring their neighborhoods -- scouring their neighborhoods with high-powered rifles. >> it told me to lock the doors. >> they've always been helpful neighbors, helped clean their driveway during the storms. kind of a shock to see this. >> as the search continued outside, detectives spent hours inside gathering clues. >> no more looking out the
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window. closed up to rise and lock the doors in case someone was trying to get into a place to hide. >> police are still on the scene 11 hours later. a minute ago we saw one of the officers get out of his car and removed a shotgun and start walking towards the house. police are also, looking for gary's son richard, last seen in a gray saturn four-dour sedan. they say that he's not a person of interest in the case, but they are looking for him because he needs his medication. ben eisler, abc 7 news. >> keep us posted. the former marine reservist charged in a series of shootings at military buildings as a pulmonary hearing today. yonathan melaku set to appear in court in loudoun county on an unrelated grand larceny charge. he was arrested last month in connection with terrorist. the pentagon. authorities then link him to
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last fall's shootings at military buildings. the airports authority will meet today to consider reversing its decision to build an underground station at dulles airport. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood wants the station built above-ground. that change plus others would save about $1 billion. d.c. mayor vincent gray is also urging airports authority. this nfl players could soon vote on a deal to end at the four-month lockout. player representatives from all teams will gather in washington today to review a proposed collective bargaining agreement. the associated press reports that the deal is not finalized and there's no guarantee the players will vote on it today. british lawmakers will be asking more of tough questions today about the phone hacking and bribery scandal. this time it will not be rupert murdoch, but prime minister david kcamera.
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he's under fire for hiring a former editor of the news of the world tabloid as its communications chief. 74 degrees on this wednesday. >> still ahead, cadets standoff, the house takes action to, the white house threatens a veto. the latest is coming up in a live report. >> extreme heat on the district's doorstep.
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>> i am with the ocean city, maryland beach patrol. we make 2000 rescues per year. never go swimming without a lifeguard. good morning, washington.
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wednesday morning, 6:10. the water temperature at chesapeake beach is 80 degrees. the air temperature in the 70's 8. very hazy, warm and humid. that will be the case the next couple days. the heat will intensify tomorrow through saturday. 77 in the district 76 in annapolis. 72 in hagerstown. 70 in cumberland. fog developing north and northwest of the metro area. that will burn off quickly. mid-90s's this afternoon, but it will feel like 105. we cannot rule out a straight thunderstorm west of the metro mainly later on today. 100 degrees for the high- temperature tomorrow. there's a heat watch tomorrow afternoon. now to breaking traffic. georgia avenue is closed in
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wheaton in both directions between shorefield road and gary hanson, north of arcola avenue. traffic is being diverted back onto georgia avenue. you want to avoid that stretched. in arlington, north glebe road still sat down in both directions between fairfax drive and washington boulevards into an accident. 66 eastbound, accident between 123 blocking the right lane that is not a street -- nutley street. just how unhealthy some popular restaurants are. >> is congress close to a d
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welcome back. we begin our top stories with
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breaking news. a busy arlington intersection is shut down while police investigated overnight crash involving an officer. police say the cruiser in collided with a card washington boulevard and glebe road. the officer and the car pulls the driver are hospitalized and the area is expected to be closed for much of the morning. more on that coming up in a live report. investigators are searching for the gunman who shot and killed an elderly man inside is home. the 75-year-old gary hanson was found dead last night and authorities are searching for his son as well, who is missing. the army psychiatrist accused of going on a shooting rampage at fort hood nearly two years ago will be arraigned today. major nidal hassan is accused of killing 13 people and wounded 32 others. he could face the death penalty, if convicted. there are new developments in the deck showdown. president obama says
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congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle will start talking turkey as soon as today. -- the devtbt showdown. >> karen travers joins us with details. good morning. >> good morning. the clock is ticking for the august 2 deadline, but there's a glimmer of optimism in washington. yesterday a bipartisan group of senators called the gang of six announced a plan that would cut three. dollars-- $3.7 trillion. that would include cuts to medicare, as well as closing tax loopholes. the response at the white house was positive. but there's a new abc ste7 poll
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that finds 80 percent and americans are angry with washington. that's a 20-year high. but there is positive news for the president. if more americans blame prescongressional republicans than him. the president could sit down with congressional leaders to talk about the debt ceiling today, beand that would be notable because it would be the first meeting in about a week. the president will host a town hall meeting at the university of maryland. the school will release a limited number of tickets. no official word on the topic. that's this weekend. the senate judiciary committee will take a bill to repeal the defense of america act. the law describes marriage as between a man and a woman. the sponsor of the bill, dianne
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feinstein says congress probably will not pass the bill this year, but she says the hearing today is a good first step. the federal aviation administration may partially shut down later this week. the agency's operating a party expires on friday if congress has not approved a bill to fund it. the faa has operated under a series of short-term extensions since 2007. essential employees would continue working. it's wednesday, 6:17. plenty of good news from the business world. peggy bunker has all the details. >> topping america's money a good day for the u.s. markets thanks to strong profit reports and a glimmer of hope in the debt talks. the dow jones gained more than 200 points yesterday. the rally could continue today.
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apple astounded analysts with another surge in the earnings through record sales of the iphone and the ipad. $78 billion of cash and the bank for apple american. airlines is placing a large order for hundreds of new aircraft that are more fuel- efficient. the deal could be worth $37 billion. that puts pressure on other airlines to upgrade their fleets. there's a new list of foods to avoid when you go out to eat. the annual extreme speeding toward -- award goes to the cheesecake factory and applebee's, among others. here's a picture of the weather camp students from yesterday. i wish this was around when i was younger. its or middle school and high
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school children. this is a high school group. it's coordinated by howard university and takes place there in our metro area. it takes place at a dozen sites around the u.s. the goal is to learn about the weather and careers in science. they develop learning and communications skills. we had a great time yesterday chatting with all the fellow weather geeks. they were here learning the technology until about 1:30 in the afternoon. there were clicking on the maps. thanks for coming. i posted that picture and a link with more information on my facebook page. we have an excessive heat watch in effect for the vast majority of the viewing area. that will last from tomorrow afternoon into the evening. 77 downtown, 76 at dulles airport, 72 in gaithersburg.
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we are in the 70's to start the day. fog mainly north and northwest of the metro area, but that will burn off quickly. there is oppressive humidity. very uncomfortable in terms of humidity levels. that will not change over the next couple days. clear skies overhead. patchy clouds developing today. maybe a stray storm far west of the metro area later this afternoon and evening. mid 90's, but it will feel like 105. we will be at or above 100 degrees the next several afternoons, thursday through saturday, but it will feel like 100 well-kept or warmer. dangerous heat for the next several days. we do have a few incidents to report. georgia avenue, set down in both directions between randolph road and arcola avenue.
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you want to avoid that stretch at all cost. on glebe road, still sat down in both directions between fairfax drive and washington boulevard in arlington due to last night's accident involving a police car. glebe road, still able to access 66. but 66 eastbound at nutley street accident blocking the right lane. 6:21, 74 degrees. >> the first lady on the small screen. michelle obama making an appearance on a television show. >> today on "oprah," look and feel 20 years younger, 4:00 abc 7.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> yao ming is retiring after eight years in the nba. the 7 ft. 6 center says injuries are forcing him to end his nba career but if he will continue to play basketball with the sharks and will work with his charitable foundation. the nationals cannot seem to get any momentum going under manager of davey johnson. >> the skipper has not been able to keep the team about 500, but he cannot fault michael morse. >> michael morse gets under this
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one. down toward the scoreboard. it's his second home run in as many days. the nationals fell to the astros 7-6. the two will play again today first bid at 7:00. 7 is on your side with news about nutrition. first lady michelle obama today will make a major announcement about access to an unhealthy affordable foods. she's about to debut in reality television series. will be in fayetteville, north carolina, tomorrow for the taping of an episode of abc's's extreme makeover home addition to build a new shelter for homeless women veterans. she will work on a green house and children's playhouse. the episode will air in october. 6:25, still another half- hour. >> the last day in space for the
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shuttle atlantis, coming up. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center, an excessive
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>> this is all in good good morning washington" on your side. >> breaking not in this. for the second time in two days, a police cruiser plows into another car. it is wednesday july 20. ibm scott thuman. >> ibm pamela brown. first check on the forecast. you rarely say this, but you say it will be dangerously hot. that is over the next several afternoons. it will be over 100 and the heat
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index will feel like 110 and 115. that is very dangerous. and do it early in the morning if you have to squeeze in work. 74 degrees. the sunrise here. hazy sunshine. 72 in columbia. look at the rainfall totals from yesterday. columbia had just under an inch of rain. on our way to the mid 90's but it will feel like 105. at and above 100 degrees thursday friday, and saturday. cooling in the early part of next week. we want to start with breaking news from our lives and where police cruiser has collided with another star. >> it happened at the intersection of washington boulevard and glebe road.
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an update for our viewers. arlington police had opened one lane. you can see it was down on washington boulevard. you can make a right onto northbound glebe and had to 66. that is just one lane. the investigation is still going on. i am bringing an investigator with the police department. >> at 2:15 a.m., one of our officers was responding to a call money was involved with a vehicle collection. he had some serious injuries and was taken to hospital for the driver the other vehicle had minor injuries but was also taken to hospital. most >> if this intersection is still shut down. -- most of this intersection is still shut down. >> it has been a lengthy process of election -- evidence collection. we do not want people injured
6:32 am
themselves. >> do we know what might have contributed to this, speed alcohol? >> we are looking at all of these factors. >> did the officer had his siren on? >> that is something that we're looking at. >> we have an officer serious interest -- injured in this accident. he is now the hospital as well as the other victim. most of this intersection remains closed. westbound is able to turn right on glebe and had to 66. we have a water main break as well. >> it is broken between georgia avenue between randolph and arcola. all lighter closure them we were reporting earlier. there will be on the scene
6:33 am
there. let's go down to show you 95 northbound slow lane between the prince william's parkway and the occoquan. this accident has been cleared but watch for any delays. that is your traffic. scott and pamela, back to you. a pair of searches and fairfax county this morning. police wrote -- are looking for who were shot and killed a man they are looking for his son. >> glebe's body was found inside his home -- gary hanson's body was found inside his home. >> this murder has shaken up the neighborhood. imagine coming home at 6:00 p.m. after working you find police heavily-armed was shot down running around telling everyone to get back inside. they say that the 75-year-old
6:34 am
gary hanson was shot to death in his home. he has lived here since they early 1980's, a gentle and loving man, and they could not believe it. police are listening for his son, but as a person of interest in this case, but because he is missing without as medication. it was last seen driving a saturn sedan with virginia plates klg2406. as you can see police are still on the scene here 11 hours and later. we just saw police officers take a shotgun out of his truck and start walking towards the house. if you have any information about this case, please get in touch. in the day ahead the former marine reservist charged with the shootings at fort hood is charged today. he will have a preliminary hearing on an unrelated grand
6:35 am
larceny charge. he was arrested last month in connection with the scare the pentagon did they been linked him to last fall shooting. the airport authority will meet to consider reversing its decision to build an underground station at dulles airport. someone at built above ground. that would save $1 billion. the d.c. mayor urging them to reconsider. turning to the debt shutdown, the house up new project approved a debt reduction plan while a compromise deal emerges in the senate. >> on this vote, the yeas are 0134. the bill is passed. it raise >> is the debt ceiling in exchange for a balanced budget amendment. it is not expected to pass the senate. a bipartisan senate plan within which it would close some tax loopholes.
6:36 am
president obama has placed -- praise that plan. if the federal government defaults on its debt, maryland and virginia could be affected. it would downgrade their credit ratings if it did so to the united states. it is because of the ongoing debate in washington. to the phone hacking and bribery scandal ripping great britain. david cameron in the hot seat right now and british lawmakers are questioning him about hiring a former editor of rupert murdoch's "news of the world" tabloid. they questioned murdoch himself yesterday. on this side of the atlantic, attorney general eric holder says he would welcome a meeting with families of 9/11 victims who are concerned that their phones may have been hacked. the fbi is investigating whether news corp. targeted 9/11 victims
6:37 am
and whether any laws may be broken. all systems are go for the space shuttle atlantis's final landing. the astronauts tested the flight systems and everything checked out perfectly. scheduled the land at 5:56 a.m. tomorrow morning. the forecast is looking great. 75 degrees outside. >> more than 20 states in the grip of a heat wave. temperatures in our area are still climbing. >> we will have another check
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welcome back. it is time to check and on traffic and weather. >> our chief meteorologist standing by. the heat that we experience is a jolt to our system, right? >> we have acclimated to temperatures around the mid 90's and even 102. but the excessive heat and humidity with heat index values of 110 that is what people in the central plain in the midwest have been suffering and we will get taste of it. let's start in annapolis at the
6:41 am
naval academy. sunshine and hayes, another 15 or 20 degrees today. temperatures around the region cooler than they were yesterday. 70 degrees in martinsburg. 76 degrees in annapolis. look for highs in the mid 90's, hot and humid. a stray thunderstorm west of the metro area. tomorrow, it all begins. the excessive heat watch in effect for more, probably upgraded to a warning and extended into friday. high temperatures 100 degrees and hires starting to more. when we may get relief in about 10 minutes. that is the latest for the moment. we would check back with you soon. oscar, you cannot catch a break. >> another water main break on georgia avenue, between randolph
6:42 am
and arcola they have white in an. they're alternating closures around connecticut ave. we are having an issue on glebe in arlington, due to that accident last night involving a police cruiser. it is closed off in both directions. you can expect them to do that for most of the morning. this accident has been cleared by watch for delays. that is your traffic. it is 75 degrees out right now.
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we are bracing for a heat
6:45 am
wave. people are gearing up for climbing temperatures. >> the midwest is already coping with the extreme heat. what we can expect over the next couple of days. it will be top. >> very tough times to be outside, and we are appealing that thickness in the air. that much in this -- mugginess in the air. some states are experiencing a he index of over 120 degrees. >> deals like you are slicing through the air. you can feel it yourself cutting through that they care. it is hard to breed. >> monday in miserable and the worst is yet to come. this week, 90 degree heat will soar into the triple digits, making for potentially dangerous
6:46 am
conditions outdoors all across our region. >> all the inside with a cold bottle of water. i am not stepping outside for anything. >> people in the west are already feeling the pain very they have broken 1000 national records this month alone. the climbing mercury picked up this does storm in phoenix. from texas to minnesota roads are buckling. >> that concrete expanding in this extreme heat. it has no place to go, you can i go down so it has no choice but to pop up. >> are talking about the heat index of this high, dangerous conditions outdoors. already d.c. fire just on the 90 degrees that we have seen, that an increase in calls. there certainly expecting to see that arise as they move into these next couple of days.
6:47 am
>> we want to know what you're doing to beat the heat did during any severe weather or breaking news. we want to see your pictures or video. send them to us. by people heard after a large tree branch landed on top of them are now out of the hospital. it fell on members of a bible camp grew of the people's church when they were a garfield park yesterday appeared the pastor's daughter says that the two men and children were discharged last night for their injuries were not life-threatening. it blows like an increase in vehicle breaks and at metro parking facilities along the red, blue, and orange lines. last thursday alone, there were 19 break-ins. 12 were at this garage. police believe the same people may have been involved. in today's political minute,
6:48 am
the gang of sinks compromise -- six compromise and cracking down on a political hacker. >> the gang of six came out yesterday with their bipartisan stand -- plan. it is getting mixed reaction. everyone >> thought this plan was dead, essentially. tom coburn walked out of the talks in dispute over some of the funding and revenue levels back in may, i think it was. this promising plan was thought to be dead. yesterday it roared back to life. it talks about $3.7 trillion in cuts or at least a reduction in the debt over a 10-year period. very close to the $4 trillion that president obama has been talking about. it has $1 trillion in added revenue in it. the president said it was a step in the right direction. you of the house republicans on the other hand thinking there
6:49 am
should be no increase in revenue. it is not clear that this will sell with them. but you have this august 2nd debt limit deadline bearing down on everyone. this plan is getting at least some positive reviews from a few members of the house. >> even some senate republicans are supporting the plan. >> it could get through the senate. >> and hacking story overseas. >> is one came to our attention in boston pared we had an indictment made public yesterday of a fellow who was -- who worked at mit, apparently install something in a closet at that university to download the entire academic archive of something called jstor. i don't know if you try to pull up an academic article and you're not authorized to do it. this fellow put something in the closet and tried to download the entire archive and was indicted for that. interesting to people in
6:50 am
washington because he found it a progressive change campaign committee, a liberal group. he also set up computer technology called reddit and others. he is the whopping age of 24 years old. >> you have all that information and more on your article on time to check in with our chief meteorologist. what is the latest? >> back in the mid 90's, familiar turf. tomorrow is the beginning of a three-day heat wave. let's start with our camera in laurel. a little haze in the areas that had rain, but developing into a pretty morning. there is the son goodbye. it will be back. around our region, we are in preparation for the excessive heat watched going into effect
6:51 am
it will probably be extended in the philadelphia metro area. temperatures across our area on the wednesday morning. satellite and radar, we're watching a few areas of showers. a familiar pattern with big bundles of thunderstorms over the great lakes and moving south. it will stay away ilk -- well west of the metro area. there we go again low to mid 90's, with the moisture level feeling somewhat warmer. at least 100 at times. tomorrow, it could feel up to 111. only worse up in the friday, up to 114 degrees. not much relief on saturday., your home for weather. blogs, updated forecast online.
6:52 am
the. webcast. punch it up whenever you want. that is the very latest. very busy morning on the road. oscar wilson with more on that. >> wheaton area, close between randolph and arcola, a lighter closer than reported earlier due to a water main break. watch out if you're heading down that stretch. let's take you now to maryland, where we have a report of a closure -- debris in the roadway at 70 and montrose road. exercise caution. that is your traff
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up the line in alabama making people wonder if cats really do have nine lives. >> rascal disappeared in april when a tornado swept to alabama. 75 days later he found his way home. he was under his owner's car. he needed surgery to repair his leg, but he made a full recovery. >> a second cat i have heard of that did that.
6:56 am
unbelievable. quit last look at traffic and weather. >> one georgia they have wider net between randolph and arcola closures alternating. the road is still close between fairfax and northwest washington involving the police cruiser. that is the traffic. no surprise that it will be a hot and humid day tomorrow. the hand in it -- the heat index will be intense. near record-breaking temperatures. but we have humidity, it will feel like 115 on this afternoon. dangerously high. if you exercise, do it early in the morning. we will break the heat we've by early next week. that will do it for "good
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